Cody Villarreal

Cody is an Omaha based musician and worship leader. He is the Worship Band and Applied Guitar instructor at Grace University, and he is the worship pastor for New City Church in Bellevue, NE. He also plays in an Omaha based Christian rock band called Flight Metaphor.

Cody provides worship leadership for all ages and styles, as well as consulting for worship teams. See below for descriptions of the services he can provide.





Cody Villarreal grew up in a small town baptist church, singing hymns every Sunday. From there, his diverse experiences have shaped him into the worship pastor he is today, though he would tell you he is still a work in progress. “We can always progress in our understanding and ability to worship. God is infinitely worthy, and there are infinite reasons to praise Him,” he would say. His goal in this season of life is to help those around him to find more and more reasons to praise God, and to do it more skillfully.

Cody’s church experiences have ranged from small town to urban, from conservative to charismatic, from fireside acoustic to rock concert stages. In any setting, Cody has a way of leading groups, large or small, into a worship experience that is Spirit-led and based on the truth of scripture. In a world of rockstar worship leaders, Cody stands out – or rather blends in – as a man of the people, a lead worshipper whose expressions of worship are contagious. Currently, Cody is a campus worship leader for Westside Church in Omaha.

Cody also has a beautifully gifted partner in music and in life who often shares the stage. Kristen has been a vital part of their ministry both from the stage and behind the scenes.

While leading worship for different churches, Cody has also developed an ability to coach musicians and leaders to improve their skill and craft. He is currently in his 4th year as an instructor of worship at Grace University in Omaha. In that time, he has worked with three unique worship bands each semester, shaping them as musicians and worshippers.

Cody, along with his wife, Kristen, is looking to combine his skills as a worship leader, a trainer/developer, and an instructor to serve the local church in your community. Whether it be a fresh set of eyes and ears for your Sunday worship band, or a spark that begins a new worship ministry in your youth group, Cody wants to serve your church. Contact him today to book a retreat, a night of worship, a workshop, an ongoing consultation at your rehearsals, or any other way you can think of to use his skills and expertise to enhance your worship experiences.




Would your worship team benefit from a hands on workshop with an experienced worship instructor? Cody can tailor a session to your needs. It can range from presentation style keynotes to hands on live-band sessions with some local worship leaders. This is not a cookie-cutter workshop – your input will shape the way in which we serve your team.


Are your band rehearsals spent practicing for Sunday before you really have time to dig into improving your craft? Cody can come to your regular rehearsal time and help shape not only your Sunday worship service, but also the bigger picture of your worship ministry. This can be a one-time session or a string of several rehearsals over a given time. We can also pair your rehearsals with workshops and other sessions. Let’s make an evening of it!


Maybe one rehearsal or workshop isn’t enough. You would like to step back from the weekly grind and spend some time together as a team, growing closer as a community and also as musicians. Again, we can tailor a one-day or weekend retreat to meet your teams’ needs.


Youth Pastors! Do you have students that want to lead worship for youth group, but you don’t have a musical bone in your body? Or maybe you just don’t have the extra time to put into developing a student band. Cody has experience working with students from high school to college and can tailor a workshop or a rehearsal clinic to meet your students’ needs.